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Become our new translator

Do you want to use your language skills to build bridges between people? Here is your opportunity to become a part of our dedicated team of freelance interpreters and translators, which is largely made up by native speakers. Please note that we mostly use freelancers who master Danish and one or more foreign languages. Please fill out the form to your right with name, contact information, resume, and if any, diplomas and cover letter.

We are currently looking for skilled translators in the following languages: Finnish, Mandarin, Norwegian, Romanian, Thai.

If we find your application relevant, you will be offered to take a test translation of 300-400 words, which will be selected by us. Subsequently, the test translation will go through a proofreading process where it will be evaluated by a qualified translator.

Internships: If you are a student or seeking a job and want to get an internship, you are welcome to contact us via the email below.

Amaliegade 14A, 2nd floor, DK-1256 Copenhagen K

+45 43 71 61 00

Become our new interpreter

Are you a simultaneous interpreter with a good education, who is highly experienced in creating a good language and client experience? Then you could become a part of our team of dedicated freelance interpreters that we use for conference and industry interpretations in both Denmark and abroad. Send us an email with your name, contact information, CV, and a motivated application. You are welcome to use the contact form below as well.

In connection with your application we would very much like to hear about specific tasks, or types of tasks, that you have previously handled. It helps us to better understand where your particular strengths in the field of interpretation lie.

Amaliegade 14A, 2nd floor, DK-1256 Copenhagen K

+45 43 71 61 00

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